How to Select the Right bar Stools

How to Select the Right bar Stools

Most restaurants in Australia have a unique set up when it comes to indoor and outdoor furniture. When starting your selection, there are crucial considerations to make. For instance, do you want your customers to stay stationary, swivel, or sit comfortably?

You can start by choosing bar stools Sydney that fit the indoor décor of your restaurant. While shopping, you will notice that there are different types of heights for bar stools. One of the types includes counter stools, classic stools, and extra tall stools. The counter stools have a standard height while the extra tall seats offer a more excellent option for viewing parties, e.g., for clients who like watching sports.

Most of the tub chairs and stools also come in different shapes and styles. As you look at fashion and form, consider your comfort needs, e.g., would you want to give customers chairs that have armrests or a back? One of the most common designs is the backless stool, which will allow you to save space. However, it may not offer your clients extra comfort so they might sit for a shorter time.

If extra comfort is your target, going for stools with arms or swivel outdoor chairs is the best. Stools with arms are ideal for a banquette seating and is an excellent choice for a sit-down meal at your restaurant. The swivel stool prevents your guests scooting back and forth from the counter, making their stay splendid. Another option is upholstered bentwood chairs. Upholstered seats are ideal if you have kitchen counters as your main dining area.

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